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State Income Tax

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State Income Tax

State income tax Alabama Gross Income Calculation State income tax Resident individual taxpayers who are partners or members of a partnership, limited liability company or S-Corporation must include in calculations of their Alabama gross income their proportionate share of income from such entities, regardless of whether the income is earned within or outside of Alabama. Resident individuals are also allowed an income tax credit for a portion of the tax paid by the entity to another state (Reference: Act 2012-427). State income tax State income tax Irrigation Equipment/Reservoir Tax Credit State income tax Alabama allows an income tax credit for the purchase and installation of irrigation equipment or for the purchase and installation of a qualified reservoir. The credit is equal to 20 percent of the cost of purchase and installation of the irrigation equipment or the qualified reservoir, but cannot exceed $10,000. Taxpayers are allowed to claim a credit for either the irrigation equipment or reservoir, but not both. The credit is available for all tax years beginning after Dec. 31, 2011, and may be carried forward for five years. (Reference: Act 2012-391). State income tax
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Filing Information For Tax Pros & Partners

Modernized e-File (MeF) Program Information
Modernized e-File (MeF) is a web-based electronic filing system used to transmit business tax returns through the Internet.

Information for IRS e-file Providers
Individual and Business e-file Information for Tax Professionals, Electronic Return Originators, Intermediate Service Providers, Software Developers/Transmitters, and Reporting Agents.

PTIN Requirements for Tax Return Preparers
Regulations require all paid tax return preparers to obtain a PTIN. Preparers must renew their PTIN each year by December 31.

Information and Technical Guidance for Software Developers and Transmitters
This page provides information and techincal guidance for software developers and transmitters interested in developing software for the Modernized e-file Forms 2290, 720, and 8849.

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The State Income Tax

State income tax Alabama Accountability Act Tax Credits State income tax The 2013 Alabama Accountability Act provides a parent-taxpayer refundable tax credit available to eligible individual income taxpayers, limited to $3,563 for the 2013 tax year. State income tax In addition, a scholarship granting organization (SGO) contribution tax credit is available to both individual taxpayers and corporate taxpayers. The maximum eligible amount for individuals is $7,500, but is limited to one half of the taxpayer’s tax liability amount for the year. Corporate taxpayers are limited to one half of the corporation’s tax liability amount, beginning with the corporation’s 2013 tax year. The Alabama Schedule AATC7 Alabama Accountability Tax Credit will be used to claim the credits. Full details of these tax credits are available at