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I Need To Amend My 2012 Taxes

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I Need To Amend My 2012 Taxes

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HCTC: Information for Health Plan Administrators (HPAs)

Important Update: The legislation that authorizes the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) has expired. The tax credit will no longer be available for tax years after 2013. 

Health Plan Administrators (HPAs) are vital to the success of the HCTC program. Your role as an HPA can vary, depending on your level of involvement in helping eligible individuals receive the tax credit.  Below you will find information about how you can help individuals receive this important tax credit.

Complete Ongoing Responsibilities
When individuals claim the Yearly HCTC on their federal tax return, they must submit supporting documents (such as a health insurance bill, COBRA Election Letter, or substitute letter that has the same information that a health insurance bill contains) to show they have the insurance they are claiming.  As an HPA, you can help these individuals if they request information or documentation from you concerning their health coverage.

Returning Funds to the HCTC Program
An HPA can return funds to the HCTC Program for many reasons, including: a member's coverage ended or was cancelled, their premium amount changed, the member changed HPA or Third Party Administrator (TPA), the member is no longer eligible for the HCTC, the member is receiving Medicare benefits, or because an incorrect HPA or TPA was paid.

Prior to returning funds to the HCTC Program, you should:
1.    Contact your HCTC HPA Analyst to inform them of the pending return.
2.    Fill out the Return of Funds Form in its entirety.
3.    Fax copies of the completed Return of Funds Form to your HCTC HPA Analyst with the returned funds. 
4.    Reference the Return of Funds Form to determine the correct mailing address for the type of funds you are returning. Include a copy of the Returned Funds Form with the check, and send to the appropriate address.

Please note: An updated Return of Funds Form with new contact information and instructions will be provided in early 2014 for use beginning in April 2014.

Return to the HCTC Program home page
Go to the HCTC Quick References page to view a glossary of terms, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and additional resources.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 01-Jan-2014

The I Need To Amend My 2012 Taxes

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