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Filing your taxes with paper mail can be difficult and it could take weeks for your refund to arrive. IRS e-file is easy, fast and secure. There is no paperwork going to the IRS so tax refunds can be processed in as little as 7 days with direct deposit. As you prepare your taxes online, you can see your tax refund in real time.

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Free Income Tax Filing

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The Free Income Tax Filing

Free income tax filing It's easy, accurate and fast. So why would you file your taxes any other way? Free income tax filing Old fashioned paper tax forms have been around for decades, but it might be time for them to go the way of the dodo. Who wants to wait for weeks to get their check in the mail when you can just efile your tax return electronically with the IRS and start enjoying your refund in as little as 7 days. Free income tax filing If you consider the money the IRS holds on to while you wait for your refund as an interest free loan, then you’ll realize that you are losing money. No one other than the IRS can get an interest free loan and that doesn’t seem fair, does it? Enter the internet age. Commercial companies have been moving online for years now - when was the last time you've mailed a check or received a paper statement from your bank? Now, even the government sites are starting to get with the program and are offering quick and easy efile to everyone. Here are a few reasons why I switched to efile; maybe it’s time you do to!