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File State Taxes Free

File state taxes free Last year, the ADOR introduced taxpayers to a new refund payment choice. Taxpayers, filing a refund return, can receive their 2013 individual income tax refund in the form of a refund debit card, the Alabama Tax Refund Card. The Alabama Tax Refund Card is a prepaid VISA debit card and can be used just like cash at retail locations. Free teller-assisted cash withdrawals can be made at banks and credit unions that accept VISA. To receive the card, taxpayers must check the box on their 2013 Alabama tax return, indicating they wish to receive their refund in the form of a refund debit card. File state taxes free
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Examinations and Enforcement

EP Examinations is responsible for overseeing compliance with the retirement plan provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, including the protection of plan assets and of the interests/rights of participants. This is accomplished by conducting examinations to analyze operational features of retirement plans. A centralized examination case selection and review process is used to enhance consistency of enforcement activities and to focus resources on the areas of highest noncompliance.

Priorities and Goals
Critical priorities vital to the success of Employee Plans Examinations.

Articles by the Director of Examinations
Insights on retirement plan topics uncovered during audits.

Internal Controls Protect Your Retirement Plan
Review procedures to help you find and prevent mistakes in administering your plan

EP Abusive Tax Transactions
Abusive tax avoidance transactions involving employee plans are beginning to surface and are growing in number. Left unchallenged, transactions such as these undermine the confidence in our voluntary tax system.

International Issues Affecting Retirement Plans
International issues, including international tax compliance by large corporations and high-wealth individuals, are an IRS-wide priority. The Office of Employee Plans is focused on addressing existing abuse and preventing abuse going forward.

Employee Plans Compliance Unit (EPCU)
Did you receive a letter from this Unit? Will you be getting a letter soon? Go here to get more information.

EP Examination Projects
Results from various examination projects, including listings of most frequent errors and tips on how to avoid these errors.

EP Compliance Trends & Tips
Results and findings from past and current EP examinations that identify compliance risks and recurring plan issues.

Compliance Programs/Initiatives
Plan specialty (403(b)/457, 401(k), multiemployer), large employer plans and Employee Plans Compliance Unit (EPCU) activities.

Audit Closing Agreement Program
The Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS) is a comprehensive system of correction programs established by the IRS that enable sponsors of retirement plans that have experienced compliance violations to preserve the tax benefits of their plans. If plan errors are found during an EP examination, help is available through the Audit Closing Agreement Program (Audit CAP). For plan errors that are found prior to examination notification, possible alternates to Audit CAP are Self-Correction Program (SCP) or the Voluntary Correction Program (VCP).

Technical/Procedural Guidelines for EP Examinations Employees
Locate Field Directives, Examination Guidelines, and other useful information.

EP Examination Process Guide
In response to the results of the Customer Satisfaction Surveys, EP Examinations developed the EP Examination Process Guide to help customers through the examination process. The guide clarifies the various steps in the examination process and introduces available resources.

Form 5500 Corner
Filing tips and updates, notices, and other helpful materials to assist you in preparing your Form 5500 returns.

Form 5330 Corner
Filing tips and updates, notices, and other helpful materials to assist you in preparing your Form 5330 returns.

Communications With EP Customers
Interviews, outreach presentations, newsletters and other important communications.

EP Examinations Office Structure/Contacts
The organizational structure and contacts for the IRS Office of EP Examinations.

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The File State Taxes Free

File state taxes free Alabama Gross Income Calculation File state taxes free Resident individual taxpayers who are partners or members of a partnership, limited liability company or S-Corporation must include in calculations of their Alabama gross income their proportionate share of income from such entities, regardless of whether the income is earned within or outside of Alabama. Resident individuals are also allowed an income tax credit for a portion of the tax paid by the entity to another state (Reference: Act 2012-427). File state taxes free File state taxes free Irrigation Equipment/Reservoir Tax Credit File state taxes free Alabama allows an income tax credit for the purchase and installation of irrigation equipment or for the purchase and installation of a qualified reservoir. The credit is equal to 20 percent of the cost of purchase and installation of the irrigation equipment or the qualified reservoir, but cannot exceed $10,000. Taxpayers are allowed to claim a credit for either the irrigation equipment or reservoir, but not both. The credit is available for all tax years beginning after Dec. 31, 2011, and may be carried forward for five years. (Reference: Act 2012-391). File state taxes free