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Eztaxform 11. Eztaxform   Your Rights as a Taxpayer Table of Contents Declaration of Taxpayer Rights Examinations, Appeals, Collections, and RefundsBy mail. Eztaxform By interview. Eztaxform Repeat examinations. Eztaxform The first part of this chapter explains some of your most important rights as a taxpayer. Eztaxform The second part explains the examination, appeal, collection, and refund processes. Eztaxform Declaration of Taxpayer Rights Protection of your rights. Eztaxform   IRS employees will explain and protect your rights as a taxpayer throughout your contact with us. Eztaxform Privacy and confidentiality. Eztaxform   The IRS will not disclose to anyone the information you give us, except as authorized by law. Eztaxform You have the right to know why we are asking you for information, how we will use it, and what happens if you do not provide requested information. Eztaxform Professional and courteous service. Eztaxform   If you believe that an IRS employee has not treated you in a professional, fair, and courteous manner, you should tell that employee's supervisor. Eztaxform If the supervisor's response is not satisfactory, you should write to the IRS director for your area or the center where you file your return. Eztaxform Representation. Eztaxform   You can either represent yourself or, with proper written authorization, have someone else represent you in your place. Eztaxform Your representative must be a person allowed to practice before the IRS, such as an attorney, certified public accountant, or enrolled agent. Eztaxform If you are in an interview and ask to consult such a person, then we must stop and reschedule the interview in most cases. Eztaxform   You can have someone accompany you at an interview. Eztaxform You can make sound recordings of any meetings with our examination, appeal, or collection personnel, provided you tell us in writing 10 days before the meeting. Eztaxform Payment of only the correct amount of tax. Eztaxform   You are responsible for paying only the correct amount of tax due under the law—no more, no less. Eztaxform If you cannot pay all of your tax when it is due, you may be able to make monthly installment payments. Eztaxform Help with unresolved tax problems. Eztaxform   The Taxpayer Advocate Service can help you if you have tried unsuccessfully to resolve a problem with the IRS. Eztaxform Your local Taxpayer Advocate can offer you special help if you have a significant hardship as a result of a tax problem. Eztaxform For more information, call toll free 1-877-777-4778 (1-800-829-4059 for TTY/TDD) or write to the Taxpayer Advocate at the IRS office that last contacted you. Eztaxform Appeals and judicial review. Eztaxform   If you disagree with us about the amount of your tax liability or certain collection actions, you have the right to ask the Appeals Office to review your case. Eztaxform You can also ask a court to review your case. Eztaxform Relief from certain penalties and interest. Eztaxform   The IRS will waive penalties when allowed by law if you can show you acted reasonably and in good faith or relied on the incorrect advice of an IRS employee. Eztaxform We will waive interest that is the result of certain errors or delays caused by an IRS employee. Eztaxform Examinations, Appeals, Collections, and Refunds Examinations (audits). Eztaxform   We accept most taxpayers' returns as filed. Eztaxform If we inquire about your return or select it for examination, it does not suggest that you are dishonest. Eztaxform The inquiry or examination may or may not result in more tax. Eztaxform We may close your case without change; or, you may receive a refund. Eztaxform   The process of selecting a return for examination usually begins in one of two ways. Eztaxform First, we use computer programs to identify returns that may have incorrect amounts. Eztaxform These programs may be based on information returns, such as Forms 1099 and W-2, on studies of past examinations, or on certain issues identified by compliance projects. Eztaxform Second, we use information from outside sources that indicates that a return may have incorrect amounts. Eztaxform These sources may include newspapers, public records, and individuals. Eztaxform If we determine that the information is accurate and reliable, we may use it to select a return for examination. Eztaxform   Publication 556, Examination of Returns, Appeal Rights, and Claims for Refund, explains the rules and procedures that we follow in examinations. Eztaxform The following sections give an overview of how we conduct examinations. Eztaxform By mail. Eztaxform   We handle many examinations and inquiries by mail. Eztaxform We will send you a letter with either a request for more information or a reason why we believe a change to your return may be needed. Eztaxform You can respond by mail or you can request a personal interview with an examiner. Eztaxform If you mail us the requested information or provide an explanation, we may or may not agree with you, and we will explain the reasons for any changes. Eztaxform Please do not hesitate to write to us about anything you do not understand. Eztaxform By interview. Eztaxform   If we notify you that we will conduct your examination through a personal interview, or you request such an interview, you have the right to ask that the examination take place at a reasonable time and place that is convenient for both you and the IRS. Eztaxform If our examiner proposes any changes to your return, he or she will explain the reasons for the changes. Eztaxform If you do not agree with these changes, you can meet with the examiner's supervisor. Eztaxform Repeat examinations. Eztaxform   If we examined your return for the same items in either of the 2 previous years and proposed no change to your tax liability, please contact us as soon as possible so we can see if we should discontinue the examination. Eztaxform Appeals. Eztaxform   If you do not agree with the examiner's proposed changes, you can appeal them to the Appeals Office of the IRS. Eztaxform Most differences can be settled without expensive and time-consuming court trials. Eztaxform Your appeal rights are explained in detail in both Publication 5, Your Appeal Rights and How To Prepare a Protest If You Don't Agree, and Publication 556, Examination of Returns, Appeal Rights, and Claims for Refund. Eztaxform   If you do not wish to use the Appeals Office or disagree with its findings, you may be able to take your case to the U. Eztaxform S. Eztaxform Tax Court, U. Eztaxform S. Eztaxform Court of Federal Claims, or the U. Eztaxform S. Eztaxform District Court where you live. Eztaxform If you take your case to court, the IRS will have the burden of proving certain facts if you kept adequate records to show your tax liability, cooperated with the IRS, and meet certain other conditions. Eztaxform If the court agrees with you on most issues in your case and finds that our position was largely unjustified, you may be able to recover some of your administrative and litigation costs. Eztaxform You will not be eligible to recover these costs unless you tried to resolve your case administratively, including going through the appeals system, and you gave us the information necessary to resolve the case. Eztaxform Collections. Eztaxform   Publication 594, The IRS Collection Process, explains your rights and responsibilities regarding payment of federal taxes. Eztaxform It describes: What to do when you owe taxes. Eztaxform It describes what to do if you get a tax bill and what to do if you think your bill is wrong. Eztaxform It also covers making installment payments, delaying collection action, and submitting an offer in compromise. Eztaxform IRS collection actions. Eztaxform It covers liens, releasing a lien, levies, releasing a levy, seizures and sales, and release of property. Eztaxform   Your collection appeal rights are explained in detail in Publication 1660, Collection Appeal Rights. Eztaxform Innocent spouse relief. Eztaxform   Generally, both you and your spouse are responsible, jointly and individually, for paying the full amount of any tax, interest, or penalties due on your joint return. Eztaxform To seek relief from any liability related to your spouse (or former spouse), you must file a claim on Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief. Eztaxform In some cases, Form 8857 may need to be filed within 2 years of the date on which the IRS first attempted to collect the tax from you. Eztaxform Do not file Form 8857 with your Form 1040. Eztaxform For more information, see Publication 971, Innocent Spouse Relief, and Form 8857 or you can call the Innocent Spouse office toll-free at 1-855-851-2009. Eztaxform Refunds. Eztaxform   You can file a claim for refund if you think you paid too much tax. Eztaxform You must generally file the claim within 3 years from the date you filed your original return or 2 years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later. Eztaxform The law generally provides for interest on your refund if it is not paid within 45 days of the date you filed your return or claim for refund. Eztaxform Publication 556, Examination of Returns, Appeal Rights, and Claims for Refund, has more information on refunds. Eztaxform   If you were due a refund but you did not file a return, you must file within 3 years from the date the return was due (including extensions) to get that refund. Eztaxform Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications

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