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2011 Tax Tables

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2011 Tax Tables

2011 tax tables 10. 2011 tax tables   Indoor Tanning Services Tax Table of Contents The tax on indoor tanning service is 10% of the amount paid for that service. 2011 tax tables The tax is paid by the person paying for the services and is collected by the person receiving payment for the indoor tanning services. 2011 tax tables Definition of indoor tanning services. 2011 tax tables   Indoor tanning service means a service employing any electronic product designed to incorporate one or more ultraviolet lamps and intended for the irradiation of an individual by ultraviolet radiation, with wavelengths in air between 200 and 400 nanometers, to induce skin tanning. 2011 tax tables The term does not include phototherapy service performed by, and on the premises of, a licensed medical professional (such as a dermatologist, psychologist, or registered nurse). 2011 tax tables See regulations section 49. 2011 tax tables 5000B-1 for more information, and special rules for qualified physical fitness facilities, undesignated payment cards, and bundled payments. 2011 tax tables File Form 720. 2011 tax tables   The person receiving the payment for indoor tanning services (collector) must collect and remit the tax and file the return. 2011 tax tables If the tax is not collected for any reason, the collector is liable for the tax. 2011 tax tables The collector is not required to make semimonthly deposits of the tax. 2011 tax tables Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications
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Educating Your Employees About Tax Compliance

Employers can use these communication products to help employees understand their tax compliance responsibilities and find the many IRS resources that are available to help them file and pay their taxes on time.

Communication Products:

  • IRS You Tube Channel Numerous tax tip videos covering a broad range of topics.
  •  Voice recordings and text transcripts of each recording, which are all downloadable.
  • Widgets On-screen tools that you can place almost anywhere online to direct others to specific locations on (ex.: EITC, E-file, FreeFile, etc.).
  • "What if ... " Scenarios that cover a wide range of situations and their possible tax impact (ex.: job loss, inability to pay, death, divorce, etc.).
  • Outreach Corner --- Drop-in articles, audio and video files, social media tools and much more —  just click, copy and paste. Subscribe today!

Helpful Publications:

  • Publ 4849 Can't Pay the Tax You Owe Fact Sheet 
  • Publ 4852 Talkpoints for Managers - Federal Employee Tax Compliance Responsibilities
  • Publ 4854 Employee Tax Compliance Messages

The IRS is committed to working with taxpayers who are the victims of identity theft. The IRS has taken numerous steps to combat identity theft and protect taxpayers. Remember: The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email or any social media tools to request personal or financial information.



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The 2011 Tax Tables

2011 tax tables Index A Asistencia, Cómo Obtener Ayuda con los Impuestos Ayuda, Cómo Obtener Ayuda con los Impuestos Ayuda tributaria, Cómo Obtener Ayuda con los Impuestos B Base ajustada Hoja de Trabajo 1 para calcular, Instrucciones para la Hoja de Trabajo A. 2011 tax tables H Hojas de Trabajo Base ajustada (Hoja de Trabajo 1), Instrucciones para la Hoja de Trabajo A. 2011 tax tables I Información de usuarios de equipo TTY/TDD, Cómo Obtener Ayuda con los Impuestos M Más información, Cómo Obtener Ayuda con los Impuestos P Publicaciones, Cómo Obtener Ayuda con los Impuestos S Servicios Tributario Gratuito, Cómo Obtener Ayuda con los Impuestos V Vea la ayuda tributaria, Cómo Obtener Ayuda con los Impuestos Prev  Up     Home   More Online Publications