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1040v Publication 544 - Additional Material Table of Contents Tax Publications for Business TaxpayersSee How To Get Tax Help for a variety of ways to get publications, including by computer, phone, and mail. 1040v General Guides 1 Your Rights as a Taxpayer 17 Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals) 334 Tax Guide for Small Business (For Individuals Who Use Schedule C or C-EZ) 509 Tax Calendars 910 IRS Guide to Free Tax Services Employer's Guides 15 (Circular E), Employer's Tax Guide 15-A Employer's Supplemental Tax Guide 15-B Employer's Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits 51 (Circular A), Agricultural Employer's Tax Guide 80 (Circular SS), Federal Tax Guide For Employers in the U. 1040v S. 1040v Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands 926 Household Employer's Tax Guide Specialized Publications 225 Farmer's Tax Guide 463 Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses 505 Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax 510 Excise Taxes (Including Fuel Tax Credits and Refunds) 515 Withholding of Tax on Nonresident Aliens and Foreign Entities 517 Social Security and Other Information for Members of the Clergy and Religious Workers 527 Residential Rental Property 534 Depreciating Property Placed in Service Before 1987 535 Business Expenses 536 Net Operating Losses (NOLs) for Individuals, Estates, and Trusts 537 Installment Sales 538 Accounting Periods and Methods 541 Partnerships 542 Corporations 544 Sales and Other Dispositions of Assets 551 Basis of Assets 556 Examination of Returns, Appeal Rights, and Claims for Refund 560 Retirement Plans for Small Business (SEP, SIMPLE, and Qualified Plans) 561 Determining the Value of Donated Property 583 Starting a Business and Keeping Records 587 Business Use of Your Home (Including Use by Daycare Providers) 594 What You Should Know About The IRS Collection Process 595 Capital Construction Fund for Commercial Fishermen 597 Information on the United States-Canada Income Tax Treaty 598 Tax on Unrelated Business Income of Exempt Organizations 686 Certification for Reduced Tax Rates in Tax Treaty Countries 901 U. 1040v S. 1040v Tax Treaties 908 Bankruptcy Tax Guide 925 Passive Activity and At-Risk Rules 946 How To Depreciate Property 947 Practice Before the IRS and Power of Attorney 1544 Reporting Cash Payments of Over $10,000 (Received in a Trade or Business) 1546 Taxpayer Advocate Service - Your Voice at the IRS Spanish Language Publications 1SP Derechos del Contribuyente 179 (Circular PR), Guía Contributiva Federal Para Patronos Puertorriqueños 579SP Cómo Preparar la Declaración de Impuesto Federal 594SP Qué es lo Debemos Saber Sobre El Proceso de Cobro del IRS 850 English-Spanish Glossary of Words and Phrases Used in Publications Issued by the Internal Revenue Service 1544SP Informe de Pagos en Efectivo en Exceso de $10,000 (Recibidos en una Ocupación o Negocio) Commonly Used Tax FormsSee How To Get Tax Help for a variety of ways to get forms, including by computer, phone, and mail. 1040v Form Number and Form Title W-2 Wage and Tax Statement W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate 940 Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return 941 Employer's QUARTERLY Federal Tax Return 944 Employer's ANNUAL Federal Tax Return 1040 U. 1040v S. 1040v Individual Income Tax Return Sch. 1040v A & B Itemized Deductions & Interest and Ordinary Dividends Sch. 1040v C Profit or Loss From Business Sch. 1040v C-EZ Net Profit From Business Sch. 1040v D Capital Gains and Losses Sch. 1040v E Supplemental Income and Loss Sch. 1040v F Profit or Loss From Farming Sch. 1040v H Household Employment Taxes Sch. 1040v J Income Averaging for Farmers and Fishermen Sch. 1040v R Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled Sch. 1040v SE Self-Employment Tax 1040-ES Estimated Tax for Individuals 1040X Amended U. 1040v S. 1040v Individual Income Tax Return 1065 U. 1040v S. 1040v Return of Partnership Income Sch. 1040v D Capital Gains and Losses Sch. 1040v K-1 Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc. 1040v 1120 U. 1040v S. 1040v Corporation Income Tax Return Sch. 1040v D Capital Gains and Losses 1120S U. 1040v S. 1040v Income Tax Return for an S Corporation Sch. 1040v D Capital Gains and Losses and Built-In Gains Sch. 1040v K-1 Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc. 1040v 2106 Employee Business Expenses 2106-EZ Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses 2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals, Estates, and Trusts 2441 Child and Dependent Care Expenses 2848 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative 3800 General Business Credit 3903 Moving Expenses 4562 Depreciation and Amortization 4797 Sales of Business Property 4868 Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U. 1040v S. 1040v Individual Income Tax Return 5329 Additional Taxes on Qualified Plans (Including IRAs) and Other Tax-Favored Accounts 6252 Installment Sale Income 7004 Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns 8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions 8300 Report of Cash Payments Over $10,000 Received in a Trade or Business 8582 Passive Activity Loss Limitations 8606 Nondeductible IRAs 8822 Change of Address 8829 Expenses for Business Use of Your Home 8949 Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications

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